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What is Boardmaker?

Boardmaker is a flexible software program that provides endless possibilities for creating communication displays and educational materials in minutes. This software contains numerous Picture Communication Symbols in color and black & white, and is the basic library for getting you started with making a wide variety of professional-looking materials for home, classroom, or community. Boardmaker is recognized as a top tool for educators and speech and language pathologists for creating printed classroom materials such as schedules, worksheets, reading and writing activities, game and song boards, communication boards, books and more.

Boardmaker is especially big in special education classrooms because it provides visual supports to non-verbal students, increasing their capability to communicate with others. Boardmaker is also a tool that is commonly used by parents of children with autism and behavior therapists due to its visual nature. Boardmaker is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

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This index is included to help you locate pictures in your Boardmaker program. Each of the picture name is listed above the picture.

Mayer-Johnson Boardmaker Resources: Screen_shot_2011-11-18_at_12.47.24_PM.png

Visit the Boardmaker Achieve Community (formally known as Boardmaker Share) for great ideas.


Great Boardmaker Resources: Provides 50 preschool/early elementary themes including holidays, animals, basic concepts and popular books. Provides word families, science/math vocabulary, flap books, antonyms, homophones, etc. Provides screenshots of dynamic display device pages that can be used for manual communication boards and backup systems.
FDLRS Sunrise (Polk County) Resources
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This document provides a variety of resources for teachers and parents.

Introduced in 2014 - Boardmaker online - subscription based access.

Other similar resources

For a low yearly subscription, LessonPix is worthwhile alternative to Boardmaker! The LessonPix site includes hundreds (thousands?) of pictures, with the opportunity for users to suggest new symbol pictures. A sound finder and sharing area is included, as well as easily adaptable, ready-made resources with a variety of boards, handouts, games, and other options. The product and site is a family run business and was created by a teacher of students with disabilities.

Newly introduced on the Lesson Pix site is a symbol builder option, available to members. Here one can combine individual symbols to create a new "symbol" for specific classroom needs. This is an example of a page I created with to inform students of the multiple symbols that may be used to represent "yes" and "no." Additional options for account holders includes multilingual support (Google translate), color changes, photo personalization, dynamic picture cards, magic index cards, and a number of other choices.

Spectronics Symbol Set Comparison Chart

Sclera Symbols (Belgium website)
Picto Selector European program that can be downloaded to your computer.
ARASAAC Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication